The Beginning of a New Era: The French Revolution

To understand French political values, it is necessary to explore the principles set out after the French Revolution—the principles by which authorities enacted the ban of religious symbols in public. In 1789, French society underwent a revolution that changed the notion of what defined the French nation (Encyclopedia Britannica).

Frenchmen saw the complete disengagement of church and state and welcomed a new era where the governing body would be strictly secular (Encyclopedia Britannica). The French Revolution was not only a milestone to the French nation, but to the Western world overall. It quickly became the foundation for democratic revolutions all around the world and up until today, it is still a textbook example of a revolution towards democracy.

One could even argue that the 1789 Revolution is timeless and its values— “Liberté, Égalité, and Fraternité” —are still relevant. As such, France is still loyal to the principles that it endorsed in the 18th century.

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